Monday, September 3, 2007

End of a long weekend

Paige missed being out for this photo tonight due to being busy getting around for school tomorrow. The last weekend of summer is nearing an end here, and it has been a very good weekend here in Arizona. The girls were happy to have their first long weekend of the school year since they started the 8th of August. We got some more back to school shopping done this weekend. Had a good amount of just goofy time spent with each other here. We are all happy that one month is done of the TDY for Todd, and with the way time is passing it will be done very soon.
The older girls are hoping for a better week out at the high school this week. Last week brought a lot of sadness to the high school and the community as a whole, they lost 4 students. Tuesday brought automated phone calls from the high school to let parents know what had happened and directions to their web site for more details about what all was going on and just what the school was doing to help the students affected by it. The short version of it was that in July a young man was killed in a monsoon related car accident, and over last weekend 2 other young male friends of his were killed in dirt bike accidents, and his young girl friend to her own life early Monday morning. Steph and Paige said that the high school last week was just mostly silent, which with the size of their school really says something. The school brought in grief counselors, and are going to keep them present for the next couple of weeks to help all of the students to deal with the loss of their friends. So prayers and good thoughts for all of the close friends of these young people.
Things at the middle school for Chey were very uneventful this last week. I'm really happy seeing her doing so very well this year so far, and happier that the lowering of her depakote seems to be going great.

Okay, I think that is about enough for one entry. I hope that everyone had a wonderful, laughter filled weekend with those that you love. I also hope that the week brings lots more laughter.

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