Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cheybug Wednesday

Cheybug Wednesday brings us to my little drama princess. She is working on achieving her queen title here very soon though. So go figure that Chey wants a future in performing, singing to be exact, but if you ask anyone in the family drama is her best carer option. She is a very good singer though, but is not involved in the choir this year, however she is involved in the drama club. There is also the thought that she wants to go into medicine when she grows up also. Oh plus being a veterinarian, mother, beautician, photographer, and I think the list goes on and on. She is only in 7th grade though so she has a few years to get it all figured out.

Her short term goals are much easier to list out. She wants a good year in school this year, which would mean not missing a lot of days due to seizures. She would like to be off the medicine sometime this school year. She would like to not have to see any doctors on any kind of regular basis. She would like to get a part in the play that is coming up. All of these things add up for a good year in school for her. Well that is it for Chey this week, tomorrow is Binky Sue's day. Everyone have a good night.

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