Thursday, September 20, 2007

Creepy Crawling Thing

Only giving one warning here. So if you choose to scroll down just remember that I'm telling you there is a creepy crawling thing picture on this entry.

Yesterday after finishing working in the back yard, I had to chain the back gate closed again and imagine my surprise when I looked down and found a little "friend" just inches from my finger tips. I hate spiders, but I find it hard to resist taking a picture of an interesting looking one. So I played off my running for the house by grabbing my camera and going right back down to the gate where this one was willing to risk life and all of its limbs to defend the gate that it had claimed as it's own. I realized yesterday that I don't think there is any camera with enough zoom for me to get a great picture of this one. It was not happy and kept running all over the place, and I was to afraid to get in any closer than what I already was, just to get a picture. Spider bites are just so not worth a great picture. The girls had a great discussion about just what kind of spider this one is. I have no idea, I just know it was very hairy and scary! Their idea's were it is either a white banded tarantula, a red haired tarantula, or a bird spider. Paige of course wanted me to take her outside and show her where I had moved it to, and I had to break the news to her that I had to kill it because I really had to get that back gate relocked up before puppies went back outside. (I'm sorry but it just wasn't going to give up the ground it had claimed as it's own!) Besides since the flash sight of the red had freaked me out thinking it was a black widow spider, I just really didn't want to deal with the thing anymore. No lectures please, I have Paige who does enough of that with me about it.

Anyway, later tonight will be BinkySue's entry, and I hope that everyone has a great day!

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