Thursday, September 20, 2007

Binky Sue's Future

Time for Miss Binky Sue's future plans. Steph would like to go into business, own her own business actually. She would like to own a bakery, that becomes a chain larger than McDonald's and then take over the world via their weakness for the sweet treats they can buy from her shops. Muhahahahahahaha! Okay, so only part of that is right. Okay, okay only the owning a bakery is right, she really doesn't want to take over the world. Well, maybe just a small corner of it.
Her short term goals are to pass algebra 2, live through the rest of high school in one piece, and to maybe...just maybe finally break the 5 feet 2 inch mark before she graduates. Oh and maybe get a boyfriend that she doesn't drop like a bad habit after a week because they are to needy, to much a mama's boy, call after 9 pm, and doesn't make any unwanted moves into her personal space. I have to be proud of this young lady, she knows what she wants and isn't going to settle for less than. Nothing wrong with that.
Well, folks the long term and short term goals are done now. Tomorrow will be Feline Friday and YAY the weekend is here again! Everyone have a good night and see you here tomorrow.

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