Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sibling Sunday

We are only missing two for this picture of the siblings, but Angel and Eclipse probably are not going to pose for a picture with the dogs anytime soon. The girls have been very helpful this weekend with Mia, and Trinity. The dogs seem to be having moments of accepting each other, and then other moments of no way in the world are they going to like each other. I'm pretty sure as time passes that all will be okay with them though.

This week brought home progress reports, the most disliked time for Paige and most liked for Steph and Chey. Paige just doesn't care to do the homework in most of her classes, which is the main reason that she tends to have bad progress reports. It is usually split half good and half bad grades. She knows the talk by heart now, and I'm finding myself getting tired of repeating the words "Do your homework". The funny things is that odds are by the end of the grading period she will have pulled all of the grades up and then next quarter we will have to do the progress report time talk all over again. She keeps me on my toes that is for sure. Steph is doing very well so far and Chey I have to wait for hers to come in the mail sometime this week to see.

I guess for this Sibling Sunday there really isn't all that much new going on. The girls want another long weekend from school already, and have one heck of a run till they will actually get another one. We are nearing the one more month till Todd gets to come back home, and are just really kind of settled into a good routine again this week. We hope that everyone has had a good weekend, and that there is a great week ahead.

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