Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Travel with Cheybug Wednesday

Welcome to our trip with Cheybug! This one is going to take a little longer than Paige's but that is because Chey seems to have one really good list of places she would like to travel to. The first place that she said when I mentioned this as the topic was Hawaii, to be able to see where she was born. Maybe from there head off to Japan, to see all the pretty silks and the sights. From there we will jump on over to England, for some history and tea. Then Ireland to see if we can find some pots of gold, and wear some green. Off to Germany for sights, food and more history. Oh and since we are over there let's just finish off the trip with heading to France for some food, and more sights. I'm just glad that these are future travel plans because man this one is going to cost a lot.
One more girl and one more set of travel wishes, so we will see you all tomorrow for the last one.

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