Thursday, September 6, 2007

What's in a room? Binky Sue style

Ah a new topic. The girls picked this one, which made me laugh that they would want this topic to be covered at all. Bedroom, their rooms, the spot where they hide, they chill, they do homework, they sleep. All though how I'm just not sure. Steph's room during the week is very much a girls room. Her bed has the outfits that were a no go in the process of getting ready for school, shoes laying around as she figures out just what kind of shoe mood she is in for the day. When she gets home she adds to it with papers from her bag and school books scattered around as she works on homework. By the time Friday rolls around I'm always amazed that she can find anything. It always seems to be a little more rushed in the get around come Friday mornings. Come the weekend though it gets cleaned up and looks perfect again. No fighting with her to get it done, she just picks up everything. Which is really good, because if she let this grow it would probably crawl it's way right out the front door.

Okay so there is the first of the three rooms. I'm just kind of worried about shooting the pictures of the other two. Everyone have a great day!

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