Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A glitch in the week

Sorry but no pictures today, and no Cheybug Wednesday. We hit a bit of a glitch to our week at about 1:23 AM. Chey was up getting sick, and as of 5:50 AM Paige was sick also. So two girls down with a bug that hit the house fast and hard, a very tired Mom because of being up helping sick children, and Steph just trying to get out of the house quickly before anyone breathed sick germs in her direction. Sick girls have spent most of the day sleeping, only waking up for temperatures to be taken and Mom to make them some broth and crackers for lunch. Mom got about an hour nap till Daddy called to check on all of the sick girls in the house, oh and to see if I was getting any sleep.
Right now I'm hoping that Steph and I can just pass on this round of sick. Paige and Chey were able to hold down lunches and move around a little bit. Paige is more dizzy than anything else right now, Chey just keeps saying that her stomach hurts. So hopefully this will be a fast moving thing and with taking the whole day to sleep, and some early bed times tonight, maybe tomorrow will be a healthier day.

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