Friday, September 14, 2007

Let's just have chocolate instead

Instead of trying to catch up with myself on the blog here, I'm going to distract all of you with some chocolate goodies that Todd sent to us. Now the only way this could be better is if there was smell-o-vision so you could get the full effect of all the chocolaty goodness sitting in the two boxes. Actually to be honest, smelling that much sweet in one place was to much even for me. Chocolate covered apples and the huge peanut butter cups is what Todd sent to us this time. How the guy that hates chocolate is surviving the chocolate factory to get this stuff for us, I have no idea, but it is some really wonderful stuff that he is sending to us.
Our glitch for the week lasted a second day, and that is why I am off on my posting week here. At this point in time I'm thinking it would just be better not do a catch up thing and just fill in and then start over with the new week. Since I think Todd sent us to much chocolate, I will gladly share some to make up for it. So I will just pick up with today and the Feline Friday this afternoon if I can manage to locate a cat for some pictures. My good news for today is that Chey made it back to school yesterday, and I got Paige in to see the doctor yesterday afternoon to figure out just what was going on with her. Paige has positional vertigo, and as of this morning is really not willing to stay home again no matter how dizzy she may be. So I'm going to hope that she can make it through the day without having any real big issues. Anyway, I will be back later in the day with some feline photos, and hope that everyone has a great Friday.

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