Saturday, September 8, 2007

New family addition

I would like to introduce everyone to Mia, the newest member of our house here in Arizona. Mia and her siblings made one heck of an entrance into my day yesterday. While outside with Trinity I noticed her acting funny and doing her hunting dog stance. After a couple of times of thinking that she was just being her Trinity crazy self, I realized that I was hearing sounds too. High pitched yelping, crying sounds coming for the ravine area in back. I was guessing Trinity was hearing it much better than me, so I opened up the back fence and took Trinity on her leash out towards the ravine. Trinity took the lead sniffing and listening the whole way, the coon hound in her was doing a great job yesterday. When we got down closer she stopped and took a pointing stance. After calling her back up to me and then telling her to go again she went right back to the same spot and I listened and heard the crying yelping. After bringing Trinity back up into the house, I grabbed a box and headed back down to the ravine hoping that what we had heard wasn't a bunch of coyote pups. But since the ravine had a good amount of water running through it due to the rain that had been falling since Thursday night, I figured no matter what I needed to get whatever was down there out of there. It took a little bit of hunting through all of the brush and tree limbs but eventually I saw a flash of a little brown fur and kept hearing the crying. Six puppies is what I found trying to climb up the hill of the ravine to get away from the flowing water. They were all moving around very well, and looked to be healthy, just having one heck of a time trying to climb that hill with their short little legs. One at a time I got them all picked up and put into the box that I had brought out with me, talking to them about calming down and they were going to be okay. After wandering around in the ravine to make sure that I had all of them, it was back up to the house to try and figure out just who to call and what to do with our find of the day. By the way, six puppies make one heck of a noise when they are upset. I finally found the card for the main gal over at the Huachuca City shelter, figuring I would rather take the puppies there than any place else because I know that they do a lot of placing the animals with rescue groups if they cant find other homes for them before time runs out. It is where we adopted Trinity from last year, and just has some really good people working there.

Now, just let me say that I had no intentions of keeping any of these puppies. Heck I was avoiding looking at any of them to much for fear of falling for one of them. I got them all out to the shelter and stuck around while they were all being checked out. When I went to leave viewing my time with them as over, I was stopped by a little someone holding onto the hem of my pant leg. I looked down and saw the facial features of our Daisy dog looking back up at me. I still was going to try to get out of there without a new addition to the house, but little Mia was not going to have anything to do with that shelter I guess. I think she made up her mind that she was going to make the return trip with me and if it meant staying attached to my pant leg then that was just what she was going to have to do. I crumbled looking at her, and seeing the face of my Daisy looking back at me. I have so missed my Daisy dog, how could I leave this little one behind when she was making it very clear that she wanted to go home.

So little Mia is our newest, and finally addition to the house here. She is the littlest one here, but is already showing signs of claiming the whole thing as her own. To find her you only have to find me, and she will be very close to if not laying on or by my feet. Trinity has taken on a mothering roll with the little one, and I think is pretty proud of herself for finding them. Trinity got treats for being such a good dog yesterday, and I think she is really happy to have a friend to play with. It was a good day yesterday for both Trinity and I, we did a good thing rescuing those little pups. Even better was while I was out at the shelter there were two couples that came in and fell in love with some of Mia's liter mates and were taking them home. So by last night three of them had homes and I'm sure hoping that by the end of this weekend all of them are in forever homes, and not having to give a thought about the fact that someone tossed them into a ravine yesterday morning and probably hoped they would either drown or be coyote food. I hope that all of them by the end of this weekend are curled up sleeping very content by someone that already loves them like little Mia is right now. Everyone have a good weekend!


Connie said...

Wow. I can see the resemblance. She's beautiful. Did the vet give an estimate of her full-grown size?

Theresa said...

The one that checked out all of the puppies real quick for overall health didn't give a guess for full grown size. I'm going to get her in to see our vet and see if he can make a guess.