Saturday, September 8, 2007

Okay so Angel doesn't like me

I got the picture on Friday, just didn't get around to posting it. Okay I kind of got a picture yesterday. I really wanted to get Angel for this weeks Feline Friday, to bad the cat just hate that camera of mine. When all was said and done, of the 40 some pictures I snapped this one and only this one was any good. Angel is a tease that has figured out just when and how to ruin or blur a picture shot. Of course it also may have something to do with a new addition to our house as of yesterday, but that will get it's own entry, this one is all about the Felines. Time to post pictures of your kitty babies and then head over to Steve's and leave a link back to the entry, and of course make sure to check out all of the other kitty fur babies.

Feline Friday

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