Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Monday

Another Monday morning is here, and I'm hopeful that this week will run a little smoother than last week. Paige and Cheyenne have doctor appointments tomorrow for just routine check ups and because they are both needing more allergy medicines. Steph and Mom managed to avoid any of the stomach bug that made it's way into the house with Chey last week. Paige is doing better and fighting the dizzy just a little less each day, so by the end of this week hopefully everything should be back to normal for her.

We are at the less than 30 days till Todd gets to come back home now. YAY!! It won't be soon enough with the way the girls have been fighting with each other. I need some parental back up here! A lot of the fighting has come from girls just not feeling all that great but we really have to fight just because someone talks to us? I guess in the world of siblings that is just all that is needed to set off a good fight. However, ignoring Mom when she calls you is never a good thing, and I had a weekend filled with being ignored when calling a child out to help with something. I'm sure Todd found himself wishing he hadn't made the phone calls home after having to listen to me promise groundings to child after child in this house. I'm pretty sure he also got very tired of hearing that I need a vacation when this whole TDY is over. The phrase "I love my children", and "I'm running away" seemed to be my two most repeated things to myself. Between the dogs, and the kids I think I broke records for saying "Stop it", "No", "Knock it off", and "Are you kidding me!". Ah...the life of being Mom.

Anyway, I hope that this week is a good one for everyone, and I'm hoping to get back to that blogging schedule that the girls set up for me this week. Everyone have a great Monday!

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