Monday, September 10, 2007

Random Monday

It is Monday morning, and one of my two free days for blogging that the girls gave to me last week when they made up my blogging schedule. I think they are working on revising my week so as to add a day for the dogs though. But for now, today is whatever I want, and I wanted to do some flowers for today. Okay some flowers with bugs on them but it's my choice for today. My search for some flowers last Wednesday left me very tired, since I was still fighting with what took me down the week before. It was just a very quick trip up to reservoir hill and there really wasn't all that much up their blooming right now. Well, unless I had the energy to hike down part of the mountain to take some pictures. Since that wasn't going to happen due to me feeling so wiped out, I only took maybe 7 pictures while out.

My other picture choice for today is a first portrait attempt with Mia. Actually it was an attempt for both Mia and Trinity, but Trinity was not going to sit still long enough this weekend for that one. She is still trying to figure out this new thing that Mom brought in the house. Anyway, I hope that everyone has a great start to the new week.

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