Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sweetpeag Tuesday

Last Thursday I posted about Steph and the great cinnamon roll addiction, and said that I was going to try and do one girl each Thursday. Well, the girls saw it and decided that they would each like their own day week. So after them sitting me down and planning out my blogging week this is what I'm going to be trying to be doing:

Sibling Sundays

Sweetpeag Tuesdays

Cheybug Wednesdays

BinkySue/Nennie Thursdays

Feline Fridays

I get to keep Monday and Saturdays for whatever I might want to do. I'm so glad that the girls planned things out for me. Cool thing is that they have already picked the next topic to blog about them.

Okay now for the all about my Paigee! Paige has earned the "most picky" eater of my house since she was very little. She loves tomato soup, but hates any meal that has a tomato base to it like chili or spaghetti. Her vegetables are limited to sweet peas, green beans, corn and broccoli, but only if it has cheese on it. Paige loves to eat same meals for days on end and very rarely likes to try something that is new. There is an odd thing about this child though, she has created some combinations that I have never thought about to like. What she is holding in the above picture is everything that you would need to make her favorite sandwich. A turkey and tuna sandwich! It's very easy to make of course. Just a little bit of mayo spread on the bread, minus the crusts of course. A slice of cheese, some slices of turkey lunch meat, a drained can of tuna, a little more turkey, and then according to Paige...you are in sandwich heaven. She has yet to be able to talk any of the rest of us into trying one, and I really don't think it will happen. We are just going to take her word for the fact that it is wonderful. How she came up with this one, no one really knows, just one of those wonderful creations that my Sweetpeag comes up with every now and then. It is like the salad that has not one piece of lettuce in it. Now if it were to be said that Paige has an addiction to any one thing it would have to be milk for her. She is the main reason for this house still going through 4 gallons every two weeks.

So there is the odd facts about food for Paige. Now that everyone has their own day of the week, and is going to help me pick topics to write about, we shall see how long Mom can keep this going. I hope that everyone has a great day today, and see you tomorrow for Cheybug Wednesday.

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