Thursday, September 27, 2007

Traveling the world with Binky Sue

It is the last day of our traveling, and we get to go with Binky Sue tonight on a trip around the world. Steph would really like to travel to Germany where she was born and see all the things that we have pictures of doing, but because she was just a baby, just doesn't remember at all. She would also like to travel through all of Europe, and then further east towards Japan and China. Miss Binky Sue loves all things Asian, and would love to see both of those countries.
Now for Mom's two cents on the girls traveling wishes. I found it kind of funny that two of them want to do some pretty major traveling of the world and one has just a few place, and two of those being places that are local to us right now. They are all more than happy to list out all of the places that they have traveled through already, and hope to one day be totally caught up with their Grandma and Grandpa G. Listening to them talk about places they would like to travel to was pretty fun though because each of them touched on the topic of just how much they are enjoying staying still right now. I would like to travel back to Germany where Steph and Paige were born and back to Hawaii for Chey. I can also list out a couple of states that I would like to go and see, but this is about their travels not mine.
Tomorrow is Friday again, which means the Felines will be getting their day to shine on the blog. I hope that everyone has a great day tomorrow and is looking forward to the coming weekend.

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