Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sweetpea Tuesday

Sweetpea Tuesday brings us to Paige's room. My little sweetpea likes her room to be dark, and very warm. Whatever mess she may have going on in her room is a very organized mess. Most of the time it is a pile of dirty clothes laying in her room, oh and the pencil shavings from the nonstop drawing that goes on in here. Since Grandma Joan got her a great art kit box for Christmas, her art supplies no longer lay from one end of the room to the other. I added some rubbermaid containers for the larger things and now they are all stored away and kept very safe. If you cant guess from the pictures, Paige loves dragons. All things dragon, there is barely a space in this room that doesn't have some kind of dragon on it. It starts are her bedroom door and runs through the whole room. Since I was just trying to get the picture shot I opted against doing a better set up with the camera and trying to capture the lighting that she does with the room. Some say it is very calming, I say there are days walking into her room that it makes me feel like I have found the portal into hell. It is the torch light that we got her that gives it that feeling. Paige does lighting in her room according to times of the day and her mood, so she has the most lamps in her room. Plain white 3-way lamp for when she is drawing and doing homework. The flame orange of the torch lamp for when she is trying to relax and center herself. Blue for when she is resting or sleeping. Unlike the other two girls she is very much against bright in her room. So the blinds are hardly ever open, and unless I open the window, there is no such thing as fresh air allowed in this room. Some how Paige manages to keep her room a good 10-15 degrees warmer than any other room in this house. I still have yet to figure out just how she does that. Paige views her room as her own little part of the world where no one judges her for being "different", it is a place where she can just let her mind wander and her imagination run free. She doesn't like to let other's in her room much at all. Even I'm just tolerated for brief moments in her room, which is fine because I know that when I ask her to get something done she is going get it done.
Okay that is it for Sweetpea Tuesday, I hope everyone is having a good week so far. See you tomorrow for Cheybug Wednesday.

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