Friday, September 21, 2007

Angel One More Time

I said I was going to try one more week with trying to get some good pictures of Angel, and here is the best of what I got of her. I had Paige help me with these, and at least I was able to get a little closer in for pictures, and Angel didn't move around as much when I went to take the pictures. I still have an issue with her closing her eyes do to the orange light of the focus sensor. I was happy though to have at least this one where you can see the single white patch of fur on her. When she was little it looked like wings on her chest which is what I named her Angel. To tell the truth her attitude does not match her name, but I love her for that. She did sit so well with Paige sitting on the floor just next to her for these pictures, so my idea kind of worked.
It is Feline Friday time again over at Steve's, so don't forget to head on over there and check out all of this weeks felines. Since it is still very early in the day I'm just going to post a link over to his blog and not just one that will take you to the Feline Friday post. Everyone have a great weekend!
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I cannot judge her attitude, but she looks like an Angel to me! And I am glad you finally got some good photos of her. She looks very sweet on this one.:)

Have a great weekend!

Cuidado said...

I have one cat like this who does not like the camera . She often closes her eyes too. The other poses like a professional model. Angel is lovely!