Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stopping me in my tracks

Well, I really did it with my knee. By 7:00 last night Army Guy had me in the local ER because after trying to put on a shoe and hearing three loud pops, the pain ripping through my knee and entire leg was a definate 10 plus. I'm on crutches now and not supposed to put any weight on the leg for at least two weeks. I'm supposed to get in with my PCM and probably over with ortho and see if they want an MRI done of the knee. Based on look and I think the look of pain on my face every time they touched the leg to move it, the doctor was sure that I have torn ligaments. Now the needing an appointment and MRI done is to see if it is the ACL and or the PCL and just how much damage I did.

My basic thoughts after last night are that slip on shoes are the way to go from now on. The little x-ray gal at the hospital is evil. I had two of the very best nurses ever! That the doctor that saw me was very kind with her perscription of pain killers for me. Oh and when sleeping in the recliner becomes the best option for causing the least amount of know that you did a dandy of a job with your injury.
Anyway, I hope that everyone has a good day.

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