Sunday, June 7, 2009

Simple Sibling Sunday

IMG_5620, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Sleeping in on Sunday morning is a great thing, but one guaranteed way to get 4 teenage girls up well before noon is home made waffles. Add some fresh strawberries, cherries, redi whip, and sausages, and you have your self a stamped of teen girls heading towards the kitchen. They were willing to let me take pictures of plates of food but not them this morning. I'm guessing just waking up probably had a lot to do with that, I mean who really wants their picture taken just minutes after they have gotten out of bed?

Not to much in the way of plans for the day. Army Guy cooked breakfast this morning and will be cooking dinner for us tonight. I'm going to continue my very slow approach to getting laundry done here, and probably not much of anything else. The girls...well I know that one is leaving the house today to go hang out with some other friends, but my three girls are more than likely going to spend the day hiding in their rooms for fear that Mom may call on them to do some chores.

I hope that everyone is enjoying a great weekend and that today brings a perfect end to the weekend for all of us.

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