Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blurred Life

Yes I know the picture is difficult to look at because it is so blurred, but since that is how I'm feeling here this morning it works well. I'm finding myself this morning with that drug induced hang over feeling, and really have never been a huge fan of that feeling at all. I know that I'm supposed to take it easy, and try to stay ahead of the pain that is currently tearing through my knee, but taking the pain killers is killing my brain function. I'm also a little tired of the nauseated feeling that has been the last 24 hours for me. Feel sick as shooting pain goes ripping through my knee because I made the wrong movement with it. Feel sick because of taking the pain killers even with eating each time I take the things. Now let me complain about the never ending sitting and doing nothing. There are times that I don't mind sitting and doing nothing, but this is something else entirely. I've never been a very good patient and this time is going to probably get me yelled at. I don't care to have everyone in my house doing the things that I should be doing myself. I don't care to have everyone waiting on me. I really don't care that yesterday I probably logged more hours of sleeping than I have in the past month! I have chores that I need to do...that I NEED TO DO not my kids or hubby. I have a brain that I want to use and not have that drugged up feeling. If you can't guess, I'm probably going to be difficult here today and yes I will deal with getting lectured and possibly yelled at. I don't like doing nothing at all for days on end!

I hope that everyone has a good day, and I will try to not be to difficult with the people in my house.

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