Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday morning randomness

traitor knee, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Back from the doctor and other errand running for other appointment this week, and I will probably be sitting with my leg up for the next couple of hours. This traitor knee of mine just seems to be enjoying the pain that it can cause me. Anyway, doctor said that I have to keep wearing the immobilizer brace, probably for a lot longer that I would really like to, and I am going to be off to orthopedics to be seen. Based on the exam the thought of either a torn ACL or PCL still stands, and then he tossed in the possibility of a torn meniscus. I can at least put weight on the leg, and can walk for short time periods without use of the crutches. For any amount of walking outside of the house I am to use the crutches for walking with. Oh joy...I just so love those crutches so very much! I am supposed to take the brace off a couple of times a day and try working the knee in a straight out to bend position as long as I do no twisting of the knee and it doesn't cause to much pain, but no walking without the brace except for showers and getting dressed. The fun of this...if there is a fun to that I have to keep wearing the immobilizer brace till orthopedics tells me to no longer wear it, and since I have to wait for the referral to show up in the mail, heaven only knows how long that will be.

In other news Little Bug is starting to feel a little bit better and maybe today she will be able to get through the day without 5 nap times. Although I do need to wake her up to take her medicine which we are no an hour late on, but I was out making the 500 mile trip with the crutches. (Have I mentioned how very much I hate those things?)
I hope that everyone has a good start to the week.

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