Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Knowing your cat finds you funny

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Yes I know I'm on the wrong day for this post, but since I just need to drop the link by this coming Friday, I'm still good.
Sunday was a day of would have been really cute photo's with Angel. I swear she was doing it because she knew there was no way I would be able to get out to my camera and back again in time. The one that I really wanted to get was her sprawled out across the top of the laptop with her paws holding onto the corners of it. Perfect caption and title would have been "No! It's my computer time!". But that picture just was not meant to happen since the cat could hear me and my crutches making our way down the hallway. Finally I just sat in there with my camera in hand while Angel wandered all around me in a taunting "HA HA" kind of way. When I begged her to please let me take a picture of her, this is what she gave me. No joke people 30 minutes, about 25 pictures, and every single one of them has this look on her little kitty face! Now when I would press the shutter button the look wasn't there, but being that she moves fast enough, and I swear is laughing at my pain of trying to capture a picture of her, this is the look for the week.
I also think that miss kitty is enjoying getting the dogs all fired up to chase her and comes running past me on the right side just so the dogs will come slamming into my leg. Her name maybe Angel, but I'm thinking the word Evil needs to come before that. There are several other words that I'm thinking need to come before that but I will just keep those to myself.

I know I missed doing a entry for Trinity and will try to get her royal dogginess captured in a picture for this coming Friday. In the mean time head on over to visit Steve and Pickle and all of the wonderful animals that visit them. Have a great Tuesday!

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Suzanne R said...

Omigosh, that is quite the look! Sorry you're on crutches -- what did you do to yourself? I guess the animals all know that you must tread carefully and plan their day accordingly, especially your evil Angel. (I'm surprised I'm not on crutches, at the rate I've been falling lately!) Maybe I'll check your archives to see what happened to you . . .