Monday, June 15, 2009

Mindless Monday

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Because the easiest things for me to photograph are either in the house or just outside my front door, I have another sunset photo.
Kind of getting a very slow start to the day here because of staying up late with the girls. Mimi left very early this morning to head back home and we were up late being goofy and filling the house laughter. She has to head back though since she has a boot camp date for the end of the month. With great protest from her last night I handed her probably the single most important thing that you can hand someone heading out for boot camp...a new book of stamps. It is the not so subtle hint for her to write to us and let us know how she is doing. When she has some free time of course, which odds are she will not have much. My real hope is that she will send at least one and then we can send her mail encouraging her during her training time for the Army. She may not be my baby girl, but she is in my heart just as much as any of my own baby girls. We are proud of Mimi, be safe traveling back home, and enjoy the last couple of weeks before your feet start walking the path that you have chosen for your adult life.

Yes, I'm a little emotional here this morning, but saying good bye is never a great thing. I'm sure that I will have three girls here today that will be even more emotional than myself, but that is just how it works out every now and then. I hope that everyone has a good Monday and that there is a good week ahead for all of us.

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