Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saying Thank You

Last night was Binky Sue's night to meet and say thank you to the local Lions Club for the scholarship. Binky Sue's nerves got the better of her as she stood to talk about herself, future plans, and what went into her decisions for her future. In true Binky Sue form she made a room full of people tear up. She may have been nervous, and she may have been to the point of talking 100 words a second, but the message that she delivered touch every one of the people in that room last night. A very simple don't tell me I can not achieve things, because I can and I will. Don't think that just because I am a child with special needs, it means that I'm not smart enough, because I am. I may have to work harder, and find different ways to understand, but if you believe in me I can do anything.
There were two retired teachers in the group last night and based on things we heard from everyone after the meeting they are very pleased with their choice of recipient of the award this year. Watching them all during her speech we could see them feel her joy, excitement, and her sadness. Basically it was one heck of night. However Binky Sue's favorite part of the night was receiving a tiny little statue of a lion with the lions club emblem on it. It now gives her saying "I'm a ferwosias (ferocious) Lion!" real meaning to her. Even to the point of last night when we got home showing it off and saying "See I told you I was Lion!" Indeed you are Binky Sue and Mom, Dad, and lots of other people are very proud of you.

I hope that everyone is enjoying a good week and that it isn't flying by to quickly.

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