Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sibling Sunday...It starts again

Sweetpea, originally uploaded by torri_g.

We are not even a full month since the end of the school year, and all things about senior year have started to roll into the mail box already. The reminders about senior portraits for year books, and the non stop flow of paperwork from all the photographers in the area wanting the business. Sweetpea doesn't want them though, she wants Mom to do her portraits, and we have already started talking about how to make them match her personality. We have talked about doing probably more outdoor type shots, because she just isn't the girl that is that into same "fancy" shots that her sister Binky Sue liked so much. As much as I dread the expense of another senior year, I'm looking forward to seeing just what Sweetpea will want or not care about. The best thing for Sweetpea is that she doesn't have to share her year with anyone else. There will be no other sibling or cousin with graduation this year. She can't wait to start with her senior portraits but of course there is a shopping trip that needs to be made before they can happen. Must have a new senior year wardrobe after all. Oh and there is a little thing about needing to have Mom out of the brace that would be very helpful too if I'm going to be shooting the portraits.

Other than the non stop mailings to the house about all things senior year, summer vacation is passing pretty quietly. There are up late nights and sleeping in till noon and not to much of anything else. Binky Sue got all of her thank you notes finished to go in the mail come Monday, and has a couple of college related things to do this week. Little Bug needs a trip to the library for some AP English summer reading books, and our visiting guest Mimi may be leaving this week. I have a very long list of things to get through but I'm finding that until I can get out of the knee immobilizer brace a lot of it is just going to have to continue to stay on that list. Great news though I did finally get the referral for orthopedics in the mail and can start my week off with getting an appointment.

Alright there is the sibling update and me finally being back on track with posting around here. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Sunday spent with those you care about the most, and that there is a good week just waiting for all of us.

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