Thursday, June 11, 2009

Keeping teenagers busy

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When you wake up and realize that because of a huge storm the night before you have no cable television and no internet connection, and you have four teenage girls living in your house. You find your self having a bit of a panic attack about just how the day is going to go. Remember I can't drive right now because of the right knee and the immobilizer brace. The pool down the street has yet to open for the summer season, and well there just isn't all that much to do without someone driving some where. Ah, but thanks to Army Guy and his helping the Germany SGM with his big truck this weekend, I had a front patio full of things to do. We will just call it the 2009 extreme summer makeover to the living room. The modular shrunk was given to Army Guy for helping move so much other stuff over the weekend. Which made me very happy because I love it! Now Binky Sue, MiMi, Sweetpea, and Little Bug might not have been so happy with Army Guy because they ended up having to move a lot of stuff yesterday. Of course when you are moving stuff anyway, there should be some deep cleaning that goes on also. So floors were vacuumed, scrubbed, things were dusted and wiped down, and a few walls needed some attention to. The question of "Why?" was a big one yesterday, and I swear they all paid attention to the time because they knew that I had appointment at 1:30, which I don't any of them were willing to let me be late for. The moving and cleaning of everything took a lot longer than it probably would have if I could have done it myself, but they did a great job and by late afternoon the cable television and internet were repaired and running again. All my girls got kisses, candy, and a big thank you from me for all of their hard work. They may not have liked it very much but they did do a great job, even if Little Bug and Sweetpea got fired from mopping the floors. There is still a long list of things that I want to try to get done around here, and hopefully by sitting here giving my leg a break from the brace for a little bit I will be able to get those things done myself here today.
I hope that everyone has a great Thursday, even though I'm not real sure just where the week is flying by to.

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