Saturday, June 6, 2009

Little Bug & the case of strep throat

Little Bug, originally uploaded by torri_g.

The picture is from a couple of weeks ago, because I'm pretty sure if I were to point my camera in Little Bugs direction right now she very well may beat me with one of my own crutches. Army Guy was off like a flash with Little Bug yesterday morning to the clinics to find out if I was right with my thought of strep throat. Sure enough I was correct, and Little Bug now has a arsenal of medication. Strep throat plus cold equal a very miserable Little Bug! However, hopefully since we have the medications now she will be feeling better soon. I'm hoping that this is all for the family take down with this summer cold stuff. Binky Sue started it and Little Bug kicked it up a notch and that is more than enough already because I don't care to see where Sweetpea takes this to. Oh and I don't want my visiting girl (who we are working on a nick name for) to get sick while staying with us.

Speaking of all my girls, I need to mention what great help they have been since Tuesday night. They have taken over the cooking, and cleaning. Heck they have even taken on the giving of lectures. Most of the lectures are being given to me about taking it easy, and "just where are your crutches Mommy?" and "Why didn't you call one of us to help you?" I have to admit that they are very good with the lectures though. They really must have been paying attention all these years.
I have follow up on Monday for my knee and then there will be some other errand running for another appointment later in the week. I hope Army guy doesn't get tired of having to drive me all over the place.

Well now with all of the major distraction from Binky Sue and Mimi or Jojo and Mojo the bad little monkeys (which is what they are going to be called for now). I'm going to say that I hope that everyone has a great Saturday and enjoys a day filled with laughter surrounded with those you care about the most.

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