Friday, June 26, 2009

A kitty conversation

IMG_5753, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Gypsy- So Angel tell me what in the world is with this lady and that thing that flashes bright light?

Angel- Oh don't worry you get used to it, and every week when she comes looking for you with it you will learn to mess with her and ruin her day with goofy antics.

Gypsy- Why does she do it every week if she knows we are going to ruin her great shots with goofy looking ones?

Angel- Well because on Friday she does a post about us animals, though for life of me I can't imagine why she would want to post pictures of those dog furballs.

Gypsy- Yeah those two scare me and I don't see spending a lot of time with them. So since we are back here and she has that flashy thing going give me some tips on how to ruin her shots.

Angel- Well right now off the top of my kitty head I would say if I sniff you then walk off that will pretty much get the job done.

Gypsy- Oh cool! I think you and I can be great friends because you are so smart.

Alright probably not exactly what the conversation would have been, but since I am convinced that Angel just goes out of her way to make shooting a good picture of her impossible, it is the conversation that I think would happen. The great news is that a real kitty break through happened in the back hallway last night. Angel and Gypsy hanging out in the same area and Angel cleaning Gypsy. There was no hissing, no smacking of paws, no fighting at all. We were all happy to see the two interacting with each other in such a great calm way, and yes I had lots of pictures ruined by the two doing things that just were not so cute.

It is Friday again and time to head over to visit Steve and Pickle and all of the great animals that stop by to visit them every week. If you want to play along all you have to do is post your own and leave a link in comments. I hope that everyone has a great Friday and relaxing weekend.

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Suzanne R said...

They do look like they're conversing, don't they? And I can well imagine that kitty conversation. Very amusing! Nice shot of the kitties, too! I wish mine would get in close proximity but lately that hasn't been happening.