Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sibling Sunday...with huge rock

Rock sitting, originally uploaded by torri_g.

I'm a little surprised here this morning, there is this bright shinny thing in the sky...oh my gosh wait, it is the sun! Wow, I had almost forgotten what it looked like. I'm sure it will not be around for long today since there is still a forecast of more rain.

Anyway, Sunday is for the siblings of this house, and Sweetpea and Little Bug planned the picture for it earlier in the week while we were out in the canyon. What is it about a huge rock that makes a child want to climb it? My guess is it is because it is there type thing. The siblings countdown to the start of school is on now. There are nine days till registration gets started, and 22 days till the first day of school is here. Which means the next couple of weeks will be expensive ones for me. There is one and a half worth of new school clothes to be bought, school supplies, and registration fees. I really don't want to think about it to much but keep thinking about it anyway, that my Binky Sue is a senior this year. Heck my Sweetpea is a junior! Where in the world did the time go? It just doesn't seem like it should be time for this already. Binky Sue has been gearing up for a battle with me about doing a 504 plan this year. I do understand why she doesn't want one done up, but I also know there is great benefit with keeping something there just in case it is needed. There is part of me that says let her make the choice, but the Mom in me screams NO! So very shortly after the school years gets started there will be either a great debate or heated battle over this one. Mother and Daughter with both of our stubborn sides clashing, maybe hubby dear should sell tickets for this one.

This is also the school year that Binky Sue has been waiting for since she was in about first grade. Not just because of it being her final year, but because of something that her Mom told her a very long time ago. Family knows about the learning disabilities that this young lady has worked to over come, and back in the days when we had to push so very hard and work with her so much there was a lot of frustration for that little girl. From the time that she was diagnosed with the sever speech, language, and learning disability, we did a lot of extra work with flash cards. Everything had a flash card in our house for quiet some time. The IEP's that were set up cut back her amount of work, but wanting to keep pushing and working I would ask or find more to work with her on. I just wanted to do everything that I could to help her, and it lead to many tear filled days. There was one day though that was just horrible and heart breaking where she screamed at me she hated me. I'm sure that she did but I also knew how important it was to work this anyway, so I told her that day something that neither she nor I have forgotten;
"Little girl I'm going to keep working with you like this, and I'm going to keep pushing the bar higher and help you archive all the things that I know you are capable of. I promise you this though, on the day that you graduate from high school 11 years from now, I will sit down and let you tell me exactly what you think of me for having done this. I won't interrupt you, I will let you have your say, and when you are done I can tell you exactly what my response to you will be...That is why I did it." All these years later it is something that she remembers, and this is the year that I will sit and let her have her say with me about it all. I already know that Binky Sue understand the "That is why" response. She has come further than anyone we originally dealt with thought she would be capable of doing. She learned quicker than a lot of kids her age how to push that bar higher and how to work harder to get over it. She has gone from a child that was almost two plus years behind the rest to a young lady that other look to for help.

I know it isn't here yet, but since the school countdown seems to be on, it is what I'm already thinking about. If anything else it should be an interesting thing for family who are coming out this year to watch. Just remember if you are out here come May, I promised her this and I am ready to face whatever may come my way with it.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Sunday and that the coming week doesn't pass to quickly.

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