Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The art of being bored

Sweetpea in the coulds, originally uploaded by torri_g.

When I run out of things to clean around here, I tend to get pretty bored. Scrubbing floors, vacuuming, dusting, some laundry just didn't take up as much of my day as I thought it would yesterday. So when you are all done and it is only noon on another rain filled day in Arizona what do you do? Well, I personally pick up my camera and torment my children. They try running and hiding, but with pouring down rain outside they really don't have that many places to hide. Sweetpea was my subject of choice yesterday. She usually hates when I choose her. I hear all kinds of reasons why she doesn't want to do it, all kinds of complaints about doing it, and then the gripping about will you just finish already. Yesterday though she didn't do to much of that because Mom had a prop that she was interested in trying out. Sweetpea was also happy that her sister made comments about the wings looking best on her. I still had to keep it short because that is just how my Sweetpea is, but as I started working on the pictures and playing with editing she voiced the thought of doing some other pictures. My artistic girl loved the cloud photo's I shot over the weekend and wanted to spread her wings and fly in the clouds. So here it is Sweetpea in the Clouds. I'm going to see about getting her to sit for me again because I have some other idea's that I would like to try out. If I promise to let her be a part of the editing, I'm thinking that she should be willing.

I hope that everyone has a great Tuesday.

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