Friday, July 11, 2008

Puff...the new bird on the block

Puff, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Once again I'm having to go with feather's for my Friday entry. I spent the weekend and the first part of this week worrying about Trinity who injured both of her front paws while out playing last week. Mia added to the worry because she is a bit of a high stress puppy who got very upset about Trinity, and then ended up sick because of it. They are both much better now and back to their daily routine of chase, wrestle, run, fight over toys. Angel and Eclipse were fine but seem to not want me to point the camera in their direction this week. Every attempt was met with them running away and hiding. Which is fine because it gives Puff a chance to make an appearance here. Please don't make me go through the confession of having such a horrible weakness for sad, pitiful looking fur and feather babies. Puff is the result of me having such a weakness, and the feed store not having the bird food that I wanted for Mango and Honey. Puff was found shoved in between two very large cages filled with other smaller birds in a cage the size of a travel carrier. Dirty water, dirty food, filthy cage, no toys, and just a sad and lonely look. As soon as I stopped and started talking to Puff in the tiny little cage, Puff started talking and chatting up a storm with me. Based on the size, and the less than great ability for flight, Puff is a very young little one. Unlike Mango and Honey though, Puff loves to be held and played with by humans. Since Puff is a bit of a crash lander when it comes to flying right now, you can usually find Puff sitting on a shoulder or walking fearlessly around on pieces of furniture. The fact that Puff is usually hanging out on Mom or Dad seems to keep the cats, and dogs from really wanting to get to close to the new little one. The best thing for me though was finding out that Puff is a great poser. I got quiet a few pictures yesterday of Puff posing while out doing a walk.

I'm going to work very hard this week to see about getting an actual feline picture to post for next week. Wish me much luck with that. If not my Feline & Furball Friday may turn to nothing but Feathers here.
Don't forget to head over to visit Steve and Pickle, and if you want to play along just post your own and leave a link in comments. I will update later with the link over to them. I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

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