Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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Yes I'm doing another Sweetpea entry because this young lady shocked all of us yesterday. Yesterday was school clothes shopping part 2 for her, and it left her sister's and I just amazed. Sweetpea, my suffering artist/tomboy wanted to make some big changes with her look, and oh boy did she ever make some changes! We have color! We have form fitting! We have short hair with layers! WOW! We spent two hours looking, trying on, and picking out clothes without any complaints about wanting to be done!

Sweetpea has always been my child that does things her own way, and in her own time. She is not one to follow trend, or really even care about a look. She likes her two sizes to big clothes that are all so dark. She sets her own rules for her fashion and if you don't like well then don't look her is her response. Yesterday though, something changed. She is still setting her own, but she wanted a new look. To be honest it is going to take her Mom a little while to get used to this new look. Sweetpea picked out bright colors, patterns, layers, and all in her actual size. More incredible than the change of clothes though is the change in her. Sweetpea is my very quite middle child. She has always been a child of few words, and when she did speak she was quiet. Yesterday though as we spent time out shopping I noticed her voice got louder, her confidence grew and she made the other two be quiet for a change and listen to her. I know it doesn't have anything to do with the clothes, this is a change that is coming from deep inside her as she tries to define just who she is. But let me tell you something, you really should have seen this one yesterday. She has always had confidence, she has always had a voice, she just until yesterday really never cared to show it to anyone else. Well look out world because I think she is done with that now.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Wednesday, and that it is filled with great surprises for all of us.

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