Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let the Junior year begin!

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We have hit a bit of a hiccup getting Sweetpea registered for her junior year of high school. A two and a half hour wait to see a counselor to get her schedule fixed and we missed being able to get the rest of registration done because they shut that down at 2:00 this afternoon. Oh do I ever have some major complaints about the high school and their registration this year, but I will just save that for another day. Today was about Sweetpea, her new look, and the compliments that were given to her today. Until we hit our major snag with the day, I can not remember a school year that Sweetpea was looking forward to as much as this one. My new little Miss Chatty was bubbling all the way to the school and right up to the time that we realized that there was an issue we had to deal with. She got hugs from friends that at first didn't even recognize her at first, and enjoyed telling everyone about her make over that she did for herself. Sweetpea was the shinning star today, and for that there really are no words that can come close to describing just how happy she was.

Tomorrow we will make yet another trip out to the school and see if we can get her actual registration done. If I should happen to end up spending yet another 2 plus hours there this week though it may not be such a nice entry that I make. Note to school administrators if the system isn't broken, don't bother trying to fix it by doing some "streamlining" because there is nothing streamlined about your new system. Another idea...how about getting a full staff of counselors in to work on the scheduling issues that seem to be the standard for this year?

Alright that is enough of a rant for one day. I hope that everyone is having a good week and not stuck standing in a line that never moves at your local high school.

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