Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Home bound Wednesday

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I should really know better than to make plans in advance for just about anything. I told the girls yesterday that we would head back out to Huachuca Canyon this morning, and the monsoon rain that had been building since Sunday finally broke lose last night. It is a good thing that it did finally because I'm not sure just how much more pain my head could stand due to pressure build up, but it has left us with very dark, cloudy skies for today. Without the sunlight I doubt that we would be able to find a cluster of butterflies sunning themselves again today. I think I will just stick with the surprise the girls tactics that seem to work so much better for me. So now our alternate plan is to get some chores done around the here (that would be mostly me getting things done) and go with the old stand by of summer vacation...chilling on the couch watching movies or something good on television. Of course with that choice comes the eating of junk food that was bought over the weekend, because what else goes so well with the whole chill out version of a day? Since a good share of our junk food is chocolate in nature because Daddy isn't around to complain about the smell of it, I think it will be a great day of just chilling out at home.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Wednesday, and finds some time to sit and just chill.

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