Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sibling Sunday...only for the brave

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Since hubby dear left TDY this morning, I figured that a trip out to Garden Canyon with the girls was in order. It is a good way to kill a couple of hours as we wander around keeping a close eye out for all of the quick crawling things of Arizona and even quicker running things. It also gets the girls minds off of the fact that Daddy is off again for a quick trip this week. The one that enjoys these trips the most...Sweetpea!! My Sweetpea loves getting out into the canyon area. She loves the challenge of figuring out just what is what out there. Spiders, lizards, snakes, birds, and today we think that we may have spotted a mountain lion further up the hill from us. Oh my what perfect fun it all is for my Sweetpea! The added bonus is it gets her mind off of her Daddy leaving, which even at 16 she still is the one that is the most upset about it.

Sweetpea was the true show off today while we were out, giving Binky Sue a hard time about being such a girl and not being willing to climb a tree just because it might mean that her clothes get a little dirty. Giving Little bug a hard time because of her great fear of everything that crawls. Also taking time to give Mom a bit of a hard time about the fact that I can take pictures of all of those creepy things but I won't let her get a lizzard to live in the house. My one and only response is those are things that are supposed to be outside and not in my house! We killed off a couple of the day and had more than our share of laughs while out. Tomorrow we are thinking about heading out to another canyon area on the base to see what else we can find.

I hope that everyone has had a great weekend spent with family, and that there is a good week waiting for all us.

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