Friday, July 4, 2008

Poor Trinity

Binky Sue and Trinity, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Trinity suffered an injury to her front paws this week. Not 100% sure just what happened the thought is possibly pulled and bruised stuff in her paws, and she is doing much better today than yesterday, but there has been a lot of pampering of the poor puppy going on. I have pretty spoiled animals in this house on good days, but when they are feeling less than alright, oh man does it go to a whole different level. I think the picture of Binky Sue sharing the pillow while laying on the couch says it all. I did notice last night that Trinity got far more kisses and hugs good night than anyone else in this house. Nothing wrong with that, everyone including my fur babies need kisses and hugs good night.

This morning puppy Mia is not feeling so great and after having her for almost a year now, I'm sure it is her reaction to stress of her sister Trinity not feeling so good, and therefore not being able to do the things that they do on a daily basis. My question for everyone today is can you think of anything worse than sad puppy dog not feeling good eyes looking at you?

Anyway, it is Friday which means time for Feline and Furball entries. I will post link to Steve and Pickle later in the day when it is up. Until then I hope that everyone has a great and safe 4th of July.

Link over to Steve and Pickle:

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