Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Morning Time Travel

100_4821Mexican blue jay, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Different trip and different year for this time travel today. Going back to March 2006, and our trip out to Chiricahua National Monument. This day trip was only about a 110 mile drive east of us. Even if you have never been to Arizona odd are that you have seen a picture of the Chiricahua's. The balancing rock is one of the most popular of the volcanic rock formations to be photographed. Unlike Organ Pipe, there are lots of hiking trails out in the Chiricahua's. Easy to "Oh my! What in the world was I thinking?!" There are also lots of natural rock out cropping look out points. Which if you are traveling with my three girls on a very high wind day here, they will make sure to scare the life out of you by standing on the top of the wall. They have several different picnic area's all over the mountains and once again the wildlife is more than willing to join you and help eat whatever it is that you have packed with you for the day. During our trip that day it was the Mexican Blue Jay that felt the need to hang around and watch for anything that might be dropped.
This was also the trip that I realized that even though the girls were older, if you wore them out enough with hiking the trails, they would sleep the whole ride back in the car.

Of course it wasn't just the trip out to the Chiricahua's that day. We had to stop to see "The Thing". Now I can not tell you what "The Thing" actually is because that is why you have to stop and see it for yourself. There was also a stop made at Council Rock just outside of the Cochise Strong hold area that day. A great day trip if you like nature, lots of rocks (which my family does) and things that just can't be explained.

Alright once again enough of the time travel for today. I hope that everyone is enjoying a good week.

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