Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Rambling

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Yesterday and today have probably been the laziest days we have had as a whole family in a good while. The only one that probably did much of anything today is Binky Sue and that is only because a friend called and asked her to spend the day and stay the night over at her house. The rest of us have done very little here. Wait very little would imply that we did something...okay we did nothing! There has been chilled out television watching, naps, and not much of anything else. Ah what a great couple of days it has been. Tomorrow though will be different. The time has come whether I'm ready or not to shot Sweetpea's senior portraits. I'm going to start with the indoor portraits since I think they are going to be more problematic for me than the outdoor one's. I'm hoping that with getting busy shooting portraits will spring me into getting some much needed house cleaning done, laundry done and a few other things around here. I'm working it in my mind that I will not down load any pictures till they are all shot.(This thought may end up being a huge failure, but I'm really going to try.)

I hope that everyone has had a good Monday and that tomorrow is another good day.

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