Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WARNING!!Dehydrated Tarantula

Dehydrated Tarantula, originally uploaded by torri_g.

I'm feeling less of a complaining mood here tonight because the girls and I got out and had a mini adventure today. What I love about summer with the girls and our outings is that they always find something and yell out "We so need a picture of that Mom!" Seeing as my knee has kept us indoors most of this summer there hasn't been that. Well, until today and our trip out to the public library for Little Bug's AP English summer reading work. Sad thing is that Little Bug still was not able to find what she was looking for, but I got to hear those words yelled out in the parking lot. Yes it is a dead tarantula. Yes it is laying out in the library parking lot. Oh and yes this thing is really probably about as dehydrated as a piece of jerky at this point in time. Yes I'm happy that they spotted it and yelled out for a picture to be taken of the thing. As strange as it is it had done wonders for my mood here today. Of course getting out of the house probably would have done that too, but it is just better this way. After getting some books, and of course the picture in the parking lot, we headed out to the San Pedro House so Sweetpea could see the huge tree out there herself. We wandered around slowly and taking it very easy for Mom with the bum knee, and the girls found several other things to tell me to take pictures of. Tonight I'm paying drastically for it all, but heck I would have been paying for it anyway since there doesn't really seem to be a break from the pain just different levels of it.

I hope that everyone has had a great Wednesday, and I will be back tomorrow with some more new pictures from today's outing. But not until we get back home from driving with Binky Sue and a trip out to Garden Canyon for hopefully some more great photo taking.

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