Thursday, July 2, 2009

I almost forgot to share

I almost forgot to share some new about Binky Sue the "Furwoahsis" (ferocious) Lion! The day after her dinner meeting with them to thank the Lions Club for the scholarship, Binky Sue received a phone call from the secretary of the club. They invited her to be a 2 year honorary member. They found her to be a very refreshing change, and she is the first recipient that they have invited to be a member. Binky Sue did a great job of being humble while on the phone hearing praise from the secretary about what they thought about her and why they wanted to invite her to be a part of their group, but once off the phone her excitement exploded. I'm also pretty sure that most of the people in the house are to the point that if we hear her "I told you I was a furwoahsis lion" one more time there could possibly be bodily harm done to little Binky Sue. Her paper work came this week and was very quickly filled out and mailed back. Binky looks forward to being a part of the club, and working with them. She doesn't care about being the very youngest member, and hopes to be able to do good work while being a part of it. Both Army Guy and I are very proud of Binky Sue, now if we could just get her to stop saying her thing about being a lion.

I hope that everyone has a great Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

The me saying that I am fur-woah-sis will NEVER stop!

I promise that it will happen less frequently. Just watch it on every 2 and 4 Tuesday of the month!