Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sibling Sunday

Sweetpea, originally uploaded by torri_g.

The senior portrait shooting is now done, time for the editing to kick in. I'm not going to get back to killing my eyes working on that though till I post this stink face picture. It's funny to me how while looking through so many portraits that were shot I automatically find the one that can not be used and is funny. To say it smelled bad out in the upper garden canyon would be a huge understatement. The closer we got to the creek the worse the smell got. So of course I picked a spot that was right down on the creek to shoot pictures. I mean why not? So what if the smell made you want to gag! Sweetpea did it without questioning though. To be fair the face isn't the result of the smell of the area. There was a fly that kept attacking her face that caused the look. Or maybe it was her way of telling Mom that she was tired of being shot and it was time for me to put the camera away. Of course I'm still wishing I had taken a picture of all the spiders running through the long grass ahead of me while we looked for location to shoot pictures. Think Harry Potter movie "The Chamber of Secrets" with all of the small spiders running to the forest. Sadly though I don't think many other people would have liked that photo as much as me.

So now that the senior portrait shooting is done and the editing is going to begin it is a sign that school start time is very close. Friday was family fun day up at the clinics with the girls. Army guy took Sweetpea and Little Bug for immunization updates, while I went with Binky Sue for an appointment. Binky Sue's one appointment lead to another appointment being set for her that afternoon, lab work, and prescription for pain. I'm going to hold off on anything more about Binky's appointment till she gets a call with results from all of the tests that were done on Friday though. Fingers crossed that tomorrow brings that call though, because I'm not sure how much longer Binky Sue can wait before she has a break down.
Sweetpea and Little Bug did fine with getting their shots. Little Bug's arms hurt the most because of needing four shots. But she was a good ways behind since for the last four years they were not willing to give them to her because of the Epilepsy and the medication. Sweetpea got only two, but for added fun she seems to be having a mild reaction to one of them. (I swear these girls can't do anything the easy way that doesn't involve me having to keep a constant watch on something.) But they are all current now and come this week while clearing the nurses station at registration there shouldn't be any hiccups.

With registration this week means that we are in the final two weeks before school starts up again. August 6th is the date for the Sweetpea and Little Bug. Which mean that come next weekend I'm going to have to get out and finish the back to school shopping. There are shoes to buy, hair cuts to get, and the always dreaded school supply list to shop for. Plus then there is the first day of school list that comes home for each of the classes. It is time again for the $5 here, $10 there, $20 here game to begin all over again.

I hope that everyone enjoys a wonderful Sunday. For family and friends portrait finals will be up in the next couple of weeks with a link sent out again like last year. Everyone have a great day spent with those you care about most!

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