Saturday, July 25, 2009

Now there is a sign

Sign, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Well our bear sighting from earlier in the week not only made the local new paper, but now they have signs up in the area. All bad jokes from all of us aside, the article in the paper kind of worried me because of it talking about people taking steps to scare the bear. It is one of those times reading it when the thought comes to mind that someone out there reading it is dumb enough to think that they should do the same as animal control. The bear is a young bear that has been weaned and has become accustomed to human food, and also has lost it's fear of humans. Based on the amount of trash that we saw today in several different areas while out shooting portraits, I'm really surprised that there are not more reports of wild animals in other area's. It's called a trash can...and they are set out for very good reasons. If there isn't a trash can, I don't think it would hurt anyone to hold on to it till they can get to a trash can. It can however lead to some very bad things for the wildlife. In the five years that we have lived here there have been other animals that have had to be put down because of their want of human food. (Yes, mostly bears.) The area's I'm talking about aren't the housing area's. I'm talking about out in the canyons where other than nature there isn't much of anything else, and how difficult is it to remember to pick up your trash. Much like you wouldn't want someone coming into your house and throwing trash all over the place, it shouldn't be done out doors either.

Alright so this has turned into a bit of a rant here, but I mean really people! We didn't see the bear today, and racing the storm clouds we did finally manage to get Sweetpea's portraits done. I'm about half way through the edit process of the picks, and next will come the dreaded final choices. I do have a priceless picture to use for Sibling Sunday tomorrow though. I hope that everyone has had a great Saturday and enjoy a wonder Sunday with those you care about the most.

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