Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Please no pictures!

There will be no picture for tonights entry, mostly because I'm really sick of looking at picture right now. Alright so not sick as much as just tired and blurry eyed. We shot Sweetpea's senior portraits today, and will be heading back out to shot again tomorrow. The most amazing thing is going on with these portraits, at first look no one belives that it is Sweetpea. To say she looked beautiful doesn't even come close to describing her today. Hopefully we will have another good luck kind of day tomorrow. This time when we head out to the canyon area's I would really like to not start the day off with a bear wandering down into the area. Although it is kind of funny to see a group of Army Guys go running in the oppisite direction screaming like girls. I'm not sure what the picking up of rocks and sticks was going to do other than irratate the bears. Since I was driving I couldn't get a hold of my camera to take any pictures of the bears, and the brave guys sent them back running into the woods. I think the bears were more affraid of their crazy antics than anything else.

If we are lucky and get these outdoor pictures shot the way that I want, I should have senior portraits for everyone to see here in the next couple of days. Oh and I did download the pictures tonight because I thought we might have what I wanted done. But because of keeping watchful eye out for more bears the outdoor one's just are not good enough. I do have some indoor one's that are mind blowing though.

Anyway, enough of this ramble tonight. I hope that everyone had a good Tuesday and that tomorrow is another good day.

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