Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good News, Bad News

The good news...Army Guy had his farewell lunch today and got a couple of really cool "parting" gifts.
The bad news...Odds are that I'm not going to post pictures of them here because they have his full name on them. One is just very funny to me though but would need so much explanation done for it that I don't think even if I photo shopped his name off I would want to try and explain it.
The good news...Army Guy enjoyed his farewell lunch and is really done having to go into work.
The bad news...That means that there are a million other things that have to get done before his October retirement from the Army.

Great news...Army Guy and I got to go out to the farmer's market and pick up a couple of favorites, and it has been really nice having him home this week.

The good news...I had my follow up with orthopedic surgeon today.
Bad news...He was running an hour and a half behind schedule.
The good news...I don't have a damaged meniscus!
The bad news...I do have a problem with the back of my knee cap, and the option of surgery isn't an option, and I will just continue to have the pain probably forever because he isn't really even sure just what it wrong with the back of the knee cap because he has never seen anything like it before, and neither have several other's he talked to.
The good news...It is in my records that when I want an injection for the pain I can call and set appointment.
The bad news...Getting injections for pain is probably the best that is going to be able to be done.
The good news...The cartilage and ligaments in my knee look really, really good otherwise.

I think the last part about my knee was the doctors way of trying to cheer me up after telling me that I would just have to learn to live and deal with the pain in my knee. Yes I'm very happy to know that my knee looks great inside, now if we could just figure out just what it is with the back of my knee cap that is the problem! I didn't go with an injection today because of not having Army Guy there to drive home if I had needed that, and didn't want to take a chance and find out after the fact. Plus there is the whole thought of the injection in the knee that I really just didn't like. I'm thinking about trying to get back into walking and getting out with my camera and see just how much pain I can take before I give in and make the call for an injection. I was making jokes all day about the fact that I was sure I was going to hear that the meniscus was perfectly fine. I can honestly say that I wasn't even surprised when he said it in the office. The reason I knew I would hear it...any time a doctor says they are sure it is this to a female in my family, it isn't that at all. I really just stayed true to form for the family. However, I think Army Guy and my Mom thought I was being a real smart ass when I told them what the doctor had said, but that is only because they were the one's that I told earlier in the day what I thought.

All in all it has been a very good day. (Okay the never ending pain part is not such a great thing but hey I will learn to deal with it...I hope.) I got to spend another day with my girls being a bit crazy, and time with Army Guy which is a great thing. I hope that everyone had a good day! Now to plan a trip out and see if I can cause some real pain in this knee of mine.

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