Thursday, July 23, 2009


It figures that I finally feel like I can shoot senior portraits or any pictures for that matter, and the monsoon rain finally kicks in in major fashion. Yesterday there was enough rain to send water running through the back ravine high enough to be see from the back yard. Heck we had thunder, lightning and even had hail at one point in time. So Sweetpea's day two of shooting is on hold till we see what today is going to bring our way weather wise. Which is fine really because it gave Sweetpea and I a chance to talk about some different poses and just what we wanted to change about the first shot's.

Since this is just going to be a rambling post anyway I'll take a few minutes to catch up on some other things. After this week and really trying to push myself with this knee of mine, I've come to the conclusion that odds are good that I will be calling to see about getting the injection that was offered. I'm noticing that I am making it further and further walking without to much more than a throbbing pain, but pretty much any thing else with the knee is still out of the question because of the pain it causes.

Some good thoughts for Binky Sue would be great this week also. She has an appointment tomorrow and so that she doesn't think about killing her mother I will leave it at that.

Monday starts the back to school registration and I need to find Little Bugs shot records because I know for a fact that there are some that she needs. She got out of having to have them done the last couple of years because of the Epilepsy, and the fact that neither of the doctors would sign off on letting her have them. Now that she has out grown that I'm pretty sure that the school would like for her to be current and up to date. Little Bug really would love to not have to go and get any shots though.

I think that is about it really. I hope that everyone has a good Thursday and that the weather is nice for all of us today.

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