Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not sure Thursday

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I had a subject title to go with the picture, but once I finally got the picture uploaded there was a blank space in my brain where the title had been. Which is fine really because the post itself probably would have ended up having nothing to do with either one. Yes I'm feeling as if my brain has suddenly stepped out on me here this morning. Maybe it was the day of shopping yesterday. Maybe it was the in and out of the heat. Maybe I just have one to many things on my mind and my brain is going to just take a quick vacation here this morning because it knows that by mid day odds are good that I will have one heck of a headache going on yet again. Maybe the brain is even more worried about another day of stuff to be done and the pain that will shortly be throbbing in my knee. Good news is that this afternoon is the appointment with the doctor to go over the MRI results and find out just what we are going to be doing to make this knee better.

Yesterday was the day of school clothes shopping, and was going to be just a shopping day for Sweetpea and her senior year back to school, but because of to good to pass up sales ended up being Sweetpea and Little Bug shopping. Little Bug was caught off guard with it but with sales as good as we found you just can not let the good prices get away from you when in the mall. Other than hair cuts, shoes, and school supplies we are done. Now the talk of doing Sweetpea's senior portraits has really kicked in. I'm actually thinking about trying to start shooting them here in the next week and will just have to remember to be very careful with what I do with the knee. If anything else it would give me something to sit and work on if I should have surgery on the knee here soon. Little Bug is tickled to death about her new wardrobe. Since for the last three years she has had to wear uniforms, being able to express herself with her clothes is very exciting for her. I'm just worried about her seemingly non stop growth spurt she is currently going through. Since May she has pushed up to just shy of seeing eye to eye with me and since I know she reads here just about daily I won't go into the other major changes. I think she had more than enough while shopping yesterday with her whole family helping look for the right size "under gear" as Army guy called it. I'm just hoping what we bought yesterday will fit through till at least the half way point of this year.

Every year I enjoy watching Sweetpea pick her style for the coming year, and again this year I was surprised with the choices. She is even brighter than last year, and more "girlie" too. Anyone who knows Sweetpea knows how she feels about being to "girlie" and that is why it is surprising for me. We have soft pastel colors this year, and even more layers than last year. There are some shirts that are very daring V necks. Well, not very daring but for Sweetpea anything with a V neck is daring really. We have the shortest sleeves I have ever seen her go with. (Just so you understand, for Sweetpea 3/4 length sleeve has been a mandatory thing for years.) This year we have tank tops of just about every color, and shirts that just barely have a sleeve though. Even better we have jeans that are actually her true size! Don't laugh it is a really big thing here. To be honest I can't wait to shoot her portraits just so I can have proof of what she picked out before it makes it's way to the hidden back of the closet.

Alright enough of me and my rambling for this morning. I just remembered the original title for my post here. "Half Empty, Half Full" but for the life of me I still can't remember why. I hope that everyone has a great Thursday, and I may be back later tonight with a post about things from today.

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