Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Need to get out

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I know that I'm recycling pictures here now, it hit me after I had uploaded this picture then looked through and saw that I already had it uploaded. I need to pick up the camera, and I need to get out of this house. Only problem with that is after yesterday I'm not so sure that I want to. The complete truth about it is that the more I'm up and moving around the more my knee sends pain ripping through my whole body. Is anyone else tired of the topic of my knee? Because I sure am tired of it. I'm glad that Army Guy had yesterday off and was able to drive us for errand running for Binky Sue, but for the second errand I ended up sitting in the car because when I went to stand up getting out of the car I was hit with pain that sent my whole world spinning. Poor Little Bug's errand got pushed off till today and I'm hoping that I can manage to it done here. A simple thing like a trip to the library has me wondering if my knee can play nice for just a little bit.
Here we are in July and the monsoon rain has been going for a while now, and we have yet to make a trip out to any of the canyon area's to see the wild flowers that are by now in full bloom, or butterfly's that I'm sure are busy sunning themselves along the trails. Oh and let's not forget the humming birds that are along those same trails that could be photographed. Sweetpea would like to head out to the San Pedro House to see the giant tree that I took photo's of a couple of months ago, and maybe take some time to sit and sketch but the whole summer is boiling down to what I can't do with this knee. I've had days where the thought "I am doing it anyway" has gone through my head and then I move just right and my knee locks up and the pain shoots through, and I remember why I can not do it.
Alright enough of me and my complaining. I think this is boiling down to me saying I'm going to do it anyway, and it is probably going to hurt, but the thought of spending another day doing a lot of nothing just isn't an option. I hope that everyone has a great Tuesday, and try to enjoy some time spent with those you love the most.

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