Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sibling Sunday

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Summer vacation is going by very quickly here. There is less than a month till the start of school for Sweetpea and Little Bug, and there just barely over a month till classes start for Binky Sue. But at least we got out for one mini adventure this summer even if it was very short.
Binky Sue has her first meeting as a honorary Lions Club member this week, which she is looking forward to. Sweetpea will be making her senior year back to school clothes shopping trip this week. Thinking about a trip up to one of the Tucson malls for this shopping trip. It is a big deal because I'm making it a big deal and celebrating the end of Army Guys and mine part in having to buy all of the back to school stuff. It's not to say that we won't help after graduation, but let's face it to know that I don't have to buy all of it every year is reason to celebrate even just a little. Little Bug has me worried about doing her back to school shopping, because she is right now in the midst of a growth spurt that seems to have no end. Little Bug is also the one that needs the most major amount of stuff bought because of having worn uniforms for the last three years.
I also have to sit and do the math for registration for the younger girls. The good thing is that they already have their schedules and there is not going to be a three hour wait for Sweetpea to get stuff fixed finally this year. If I sit and figure up all of the fee's in advance I can get them paid for before registration and supposedly that is going to help "stream line" the process. I really don't like when the school uses the phrase "stream line" because their idea of it and my own seem to be very different. To me it would mean less than a hour spent getting it them it means 3-4 hours. Fingers crossed though that this will work out faster.
The strange thing for me about Sweetpea's schedule this year is that there is no art class. After the budget cuts the took out her art teacher of the last three years, she does not want to take art this year. Her replacement class for that however is she is taking photography this year. I'm looking forward to seeing her projects this year.

I think that is it for this Sunday, because I have reached the point where I can not think of anything else. I hope that everyone has enjoyed a great weekend so far and that today is spent with those you care most about. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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