Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sibling Sunday

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There isn't all that much new for the siblings this week that I haven't already posted about. We are in the final 20 some days of summer vacation, and only a dreaded 10 days till registration begins. The creative mind has gone to work on ideas for Sweetpea's senior portraits and other than picking a day to get started I think I'm ready. There is a list (because I've already admitted to being a list fanatic) with scouted locations for her outdoor shots that she wants, and indoor shots. Plus the outfit choices have been made. The goal is to make her's look very different from Binky Sue's. That shouldn't be to difficult really though since Sweetpea is opting to have outdoor shots done, and so far the idea's that are being written down are nothing like Binky's were last year. I personally can not wait to use my new camera for the this years senior portraits. There is only one idea that I'm concerned with for trying to shoot, but I'm sure that I will get that one figured out. There is also the thought that if it doesn't work the first time I can always set it up differently and try a second, third, and if needed fourth time. Sweetpea so far has played a very active role in the creation of idea's for her portraits. She also seems to be getting excited about shooting them here soon.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is having an enjoyable weekend and that there is a good week a head for all of us.

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