Tuesday, January 29, 2008

That will cost an arm and half a leg please

I don't have any pictures for this entry because after the the sticker shock of being in Dr. D's office yesterday for glasses, I just couldn't risk picking up my camera. All three girls had their eye exams yesterday, and I have to say that I love Dr. D's office. They schedule my girls in one huge block, and once they start they run them in age order and make sure that after pre processing the first one that she goes in the exam room right across the hall from there and Dr. D start the eye exam while the next one is working her way through pre tests. They leave the exam room door open for me so that I can go between both, and when the first one is done and out picking out frames or sitting down to get the final paper work done they are helpful yet again by picking the station that is right next to the exam rooms so that I can even go between all three area's. It sounds a bit hectic, but actually runs very smoothly for getting all three of them done. By the time we got to the point of having Little bug sitting down and getting fitted for hers Nennie was being fitted with her glasses that were already done.

Speaking of Nennie...poor Nennie had to have that eye puff test done a total of 6 time. Sweetpea was right behind her with a total of 4 times. They both seem to run a little higher eye pressure, which since Dr. D has seen Daddy too, is wondering if it is just a family trait. Nennie's was high enough though that Dr. D did drop and then tested it with a cruel looking device in the exam room. Nennie said she will no longer complain about the eye puff test after that. I also opted to have the Optomap retina screening done for all of the girls because of their tendency to have high eye pressures. The scan gives him a whole picture of the entire inside of the eyes, and it was very interesting to me and the girls as he showed us all the different areas. To me it was very much worth paying for the test that Tricare won't pay for.

All three girls had changes in their vision of course. So two new sets of glasses were bought, and Nennie kept her frames and had the new lenses put in them. Sweetpea is the only set that they couldn't get done yesterday while we were there. She wants the transition lenses so we will get a call in the next day or so when they are done. Little bug was the least happy of the group though. Her last set was to help with nearsighted and then bifocals. Of course Little bug really didn't like wearing those though. So one day when she managed to pop a lens out of them instead of bringing them to me, she threw them away. The side effect was Little bug who was wearing .50 and only needed them for short time periods, now is wearing a prescription for .200 and will be wearing them all the time except for when she is reading books. I have a pretty unhappy Little bug living in my house right now because she HATES when Mommy might actually know what she is talking about. She also isn't very happy that Mommy set a price limit on her frames, something that Mommy doesn't really do because I want them to be very happy with what they pick out and wear them. But when you destroy a pair on purpose that is what happens with this Mom.

Anyway, I will try to get a picture of the girls with their new glasses after we get Sweetpea's. I'm just glad that we are done with it for this year and hey maybe next year will be the year that I get out of Dr. D's office without having to pay and arm and half a leg. I hope that everyone has a great Tuesday!

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